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A Guide to finding Chess Tournaments


If you’re a passionate parent seeking to support your child’s chess journey or an enthusiastic player aiming to enhance your over-the-board (OTB) skills, chess tournaments offer a valuable opportunity. For Indian chess enthusiasts, participating in tournaments not only allows them to showcase their abilities but also facilitates learning from fellow players and establishing a presence in the chess community. Nevertheless, locating relevant chess tournaments can pose a challenge. In this blog, I will present a comprehensive guide to help you find chess tournaments in India, empowering you to navigate the vibrant chess landscape with ease.

Join Chess-WhatsApp Groups

While many groups cater to a specific city or have a limited number of members, you can still discover a vast range of events taking place in your city, state, or country. Access comprehensive information about these events by utilizing the provided links to join Chess-WhatsApp groups. Stay connected with the chess community and stay updated on the latest happenings.


Explore the website to access a wealth of chess-related information. Upon visiting the site, choose your country’s federation. To view Indian events, select “IND” as the federation. This user-friendly platform provides a convenient way to stay updated on chess events and results.

chess-results website

Chess-Results Website

You can narrow your search further by selecting the state.

chess-results state selection

You can select the state from here

AICF Calendar

The All India Chess Federation (AICF) website provides a comprehensive platform for accessing information about various rated chess tournaments, ranging from state-level to national and international events. You can explore a wide array of tournaments on their website, including details such as schedules, participant lists, and results. To access this valuable resource, visit the following link:



A glimpse of the website


If you wish to play foreign events, then you can visit website

I hope this information was helpful. If you need further assistance about finding chess tournaments or help in preparing to play one, we are just one mail away! Do reach us at