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Advanced Part 2

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Advanced Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the Advanced-level course! Building upon the knowledge gained in the previous course, this module will push your chess abilities to new heights. You’ll explore advanced positional concepts, pawn structures, line opening and closing, opening theory and pitfalls, study grandmaster games and learn how to develop long-term strategic plans. This course will also cover advanced endgame techniques and introduce you to the world of chess compositions. By the end of this course, you’ll be well-equipped to compete against strong players and make significant progress in your chess journey.

In this course, we will cover


This class is suitable for players who aim to play high level or rated tournaments. At the end of course, players will be provided a detailed assessment report along with a completion certificate.

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Gambits in chess are opening strategies where a player sacrifices material, typically a pawn, to gain other positional or strategic advantages. Gambits are characterized by aggressive play and the willingness to take risks for active piece development and rapid control of the center.

King’s Gambit: Offering the f2 pawn. Queen’s Gambit: Offering a pawn on d4. Offering a pawn on b4 (on Italian game). Smith-Morra Gambit: Offering a pawn on c3 (on Sicilian defense).

Gambits can be exciting and lead to dynamic positions, but they also require accurate play and strong tactical skills to justify the material sacrifice. It's important to study and understand the underlying ideas, potential pitfalls, and common tactical motifs associated with each gambit before incorporating them into your repertoire. If you are preparing a Gambit, you must know all the lines of attack and refute too.

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