Chessniti Academy

Chessniti Academy

The Professional Chess Academy

Chessniti is a leading Mumbai based professional chess training academy. We offer online and over the table courses for players of all levels.

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Professional coaches

Chess coaching team at Chessniti comprises FIDE rated and titled players who are seasoned, dedicated mentors, and professional trainers.

Online coaching

We offer online chess coaching for players of all strength. Whether you are just getting started on a quest to get a Grandmaster title, we have the right course for you.

OTB Chess camps

Chessniti offers offline and over the board (OTB) chess coaching camps for academic institutions, clubs, associations and societies.

About Us

Learn from seasoned chess professionals

Welcome to Chessniti Academy! your premier destination for exceptional chess coaching and training. We are passionate about nurturing the minds of aspiring chess players and providing them with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to excel in the game.

Our FIDE rated coaches are accomplished players and dedicated mentors.

Our Courses

Comprehensive courses for players of all levels

Chessniti offers a comprehensive range of programs tailored to suit different age groups and skill levels. Whether you’re a young chess enthusiast looking to build a strong foundation or aiming to improve tournament performance, or an adult seeking intellectual stimulation, we have a program that will meet your specific needs.

Chess For Beginner

Get started on your chess journey! In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of chess. Suitable for children aged 5 and above.

Advanced Beginner

Develop your chess game by learning concepts of tactics, strategies, checkmate patterns and introduction to opening principles.


In this course, you'll explore more complex tactics such as windmill, decoy and deflection, creating a double attack, positional play, and strategic planning.

Advanced Part 1

Hone your chess skills further with advanced tactical motifs such as Queen sacrifices, Pin and Skewer, endgame principles, and more sophisticated strategic concepts.

Advanced Part 2

It’s now time to explore advanced positional concepts, pawn structures, line opening and closing, opening theory and pitfalls, and developing long-term strategic plans


This course sets to you pursue a professional path in chess career. The curriculum is customised to each player based on their skill level

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Here’s what some of our prodigies say about Chessniti Academy

So awesome and lovely place. People and staff are friendly and helpful. Love to be a part of this academy. You are surely going to enjoy your time here.

Sonu Singh

All coaches are professionals and are very encouraging and motivating. They teach one not to be afraid of losing the game and always give your best in the game. Highly recommended.

Shantanu Das

The chess coaches at Chessniti are very talented, experienced and ambitious. They are very helpful and friendly. They truly support the thought of learning chess is possible at any age.

Nisha Makhija

One of the best coaching academy for chess. Staff is very polite and supportive. If you are looking for chess coaching classes or personal coaching, I highly recommend Chessniti.

Anil Patel

One of the best academies in Mumbai as they share their experience of the competitions they have participated in along with tips and tricks.

Divyank Rane

Make the right move!

Our singular focus is to empower and enable your aspirations of playing exceptional chess, taking them to new heights.