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Advanced Part 1

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Advanced Part 1

Congratulations on reaching the Advanced level! In this course, we’ll focus on honing your skills even further. You’ll dive into advanced tactical motifs such as Queen sacrifices, Bishop pair mate, Pin and Skewer, Anastasia’s Mate, Arabian Mate, endgame principles and more sophisticated strategic concepts. This course will challenge you to think several moves ahead, analyse complex positions and make accurate evaluations. By the end of this course, you’ll be a formidable opponent to any intermediate-level player.

In this course, we will cover


This class is suitable for players who want to improve their chess play and their rating performance. At the end of course, players will be provided a detailed assessment report along with a completion certificate.

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Perfecting opening theories, king safety, controlling the center, piece activity, creating imbalances, positional planning, tactical motifs, and endgames are the essential chess strategies.

In chess, both tactics and strategy are essential aspects of the game, and it's important to focus on both for overall improvement. While Tactics involve short-term calculations and specific moves that result in immediate gains; Strategy, on the other hand, involves long-term planning, positional understanding, and the management of the overall game.

Improving chess tactics requires regular practice and systematic training, it is recommended to solve puzzles of various themes such as pins, forks, skewers, discovered attacks, and double attacks regularly.

Strategic thinking revolves around the manipulation of pawn structures, piece coordination, control of key squares, and the execution of plans to achieve a favorable position or exploit weaknesses in the opponent's position. Strategic play requires a deep understanding of pawn structure, positional principles, and evaluation of imbalances.

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