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Advanced Beginner

Congratulations on completing the Beginner level! Now, it’s time to delve deeper into the world of chess with our Advanced Beginner course. In this course, you’ll expand your knowledge of tactics and strategies, learning concepts of Checkmates, Knight Forks, piece coordination, and discovered attack. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the skills to handle more challenging opponents.

In this course, we will cover


This course is suitable for chess players with basic knowledge of the game and for those who have adequate understanding of piece movements. At the end of course, players will be provided a detailed assessment report along with a completion certificate.

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Chess improvements involve three key pillars – Study: The opening, end games, pawn structures. Practice: Play regularly with players of varied strength and style. Analyse: Review and learn from our own games and get a second pair of eyes to suggest feedback.

Getting a rating essentially means being assigned a performance rating by FIDE, the international apex body for chess. To earn a rating, a player has to be part of a federation. In India, its AICF. Once you are a member of a federation, you must participate in rated tournaments and earn your performance rating.

Being a titled chess player means that you have achieved a specific title or rank recognized by chess organizations. These titles are awarded based on a player's performance and rating in official tournaments. The existing titles are National Master (NM), Candidate Master (CM), Fide Master (FM), International Master (IM), and Grandmaster (GM).

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